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Meine Liebe ♥

How tall are you? I wanna compare your height to that of the wrestlers


What was Sami like? Please give annnnny detail

I really didn’t get a chance to talk to him b/c he had just finished his match & he had to go, but he was nice enough to stop for a picture. 

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So this totally happened today!!! 
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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It’s a long shot but I did nominate Roman & Seth lol

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Roman Reigns Joins The One Percenters
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Last night I had the honor of meeting wrestling royalty!! 
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But when I got to mention the guy your asking for is Roman Reigns. He happens to be related to The Rock. Good looking kid, damn good worker in the ring, I want to know some more about his promos. But man, if I got to look at the roster right now and say whose my next megastar, his name is Roman Reigns.

Stong Cold on the next big Megastar
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Articles | WWE's Dean Ambrose On Going Solo, Being in the Spotlight, and 10 Years of Pro Wrestling | RVA Magazine | Richmond, VA

Here’s the full interview 

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