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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It’s a long shot but I did nominate Roman & Seth lol

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Roman Reigns Joins The One Percenters
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Last night I had the honor of meeting wrestling royalty!! 
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But when I got to mention the guy your asking for is Roman Reigns. He happens to be related to The Rock. Good looking kid, damn good worker in the ring, I want to know some more about his promos. But man, if I got to look at the roster right now and say whose my next megastar, his name is Roman Reigns.

Stong Cold on the next big Megastar
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Articles | WWE's Dean Ambrose On Going Solo, Being in the Spotlight, and 10 Years of Pro Wrestling | RVA Magazine | Richmond, VA

Here’s the full interview 

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Dean Ambrose Talks About Seth Rollins Turning, Money In the Bank, His Confidence, More | PWMania

Here’s the link to the interview :)

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You’re still going to see that from us. You won’t see us working together in the classic Shield way, but all three of us with all of our egos and aspirations and desire are still going to be on your TV making our way up top.

Dean Ambrose
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We’re all still three of the best performers in the company and are still always going to carry that mindset and that work ethic and be that symbol of excellence.

Dean Ambrose
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The cool thing to take away is that we did go out on a high point whereas other groups don’t and I take a lot of pride in that.

Dean Ambrose on The Shield
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We’ve had on our differences on TV and we get into each our faces because we’re two alpha males so we’ll butt heads, but that’s why we love each other. We’re brothers and push each other and still got each other’s back.

Dean Ambrose on his relationship with Roman Reigns
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Roman Reigns. He’s still my best friend, my buddy, and travelling partner. Me and Roman are tight.

Dean Ambrose
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